Ending the Year Pushing Ahead

The first month of 2016 is all about prepping for a February book launch.  To that end, I’m working on my submissions to publishers right now and corresponding with knowledgeable friends. The Feb. launch won’t really concern conventional publishing though, it’s the launch of my self-published first edition which should give me a head start […]

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My work cut out for me

This is the second time I’ve ever written what’s apparently known as a “blog post”.  I’m moving faster on the whole book project now than at any time since finishing the rough manuscript a few months ago.  A work week begins with a day-by-day plan generated every Sunday for something resembling most people’s conventional work […]

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Let’s get started.

Today marks the launch of my new site, thedyingfish.com, a site dedicated to introducing my project of the last 10 years to the world in the form of a book, The Dying Fish.  The flashpoint for the work culminating in The Dying Fish came ten years ago while working as a janitor at an apartment […]

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