My book, The Dying Fish, features a lot of walking – about 4,400 miles of it. And while walking that distance around a high school track may sound tedious, the journey through the Appalachians, Adirondacks and mountains of New England was anything but monotonous. I’m a runner – it’s just how I stay in shape. […]

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Critters A’ Plenty

The book I wrote and built this website for is about a more optimistic picture of the eastern environment, one that doesn’t begin by condemning humans for past and current abuses of nature. And it was easy for me to present this optimistic opinion after my long-haul traverse of our recovering eastern forest.   It’s […]

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Adventures in Western New York

I haven’t written much online lately and today’s post won’t be much either – mostly some photos from the last several days I’ve spent with Susan in Orleans County, NY. It’s idyllic this time of the year – just a really nice place to spend time and not as harsh as the icy and treacherous […]

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