Endless Summer

Just a few quick thoughts on the hottest season today. And I think my most instinctive, spontaneous thought is: I’m ready for it to be over. I’m not a hot weather person and this summer has tested my endurance. I’m ready to see the greens of the maples begin to grade into orange and hear […]

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Keeping Pace

It’s been an interesting 5-month program as I’ve built toward my Oct. 2 marathon. I have to mention running every now and then because it’s as much or more a constant than fishing or writing for me. Even if there’s no event to train for, it’s usually the basis for all the rest of my […]

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Back to the Wild

I haven’t come close to spending months alone in the wild since the years written about in The Dying Fish but I manage to sneak in a few days and nights even while chained to Pittsburgh. The woodlands immediately east of the Allegheny Reservoir on the NY border have been intriguing to me for years […]

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Back to Basics

I’m late posting anything about my recent expeditions but I had an exceptional one a few weeks ago that I thought I’d share. With all the international turmoil in the world, all our domestic troubles surrounding the presidency and even my own pressing book events, it was good to lie down and sleep on a […]

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