Painting with Light

Wild North Country Calendar During the years of the Eastern Brook Trout Solo Adventure I refused to carry a camera because I’m a dedicated camera snob who couldn’t abide the renderings of a point-and-shoot camera. If I’d only ever be able to bring back mediocre images, I didn’t want to bother. I learned photography in […]

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Free to Fish

I’ve been harvesting fish from the waters of Pennsylvania lately. And not a great number of them but I have been greatly enjoying myself. I may have an affinity for more northerly places but one thing that can be said for Pennsylvania: we have a lot of fish. And we have a diverse range of […]

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Why We Go Wild

I released a book this spring about a long walk north, about native trout and about personal growth. Maybe it was between the lines, but I also took a stab at answering why it is we humans need to seek out wilder places from time to time. There’s a good case to be made from […]

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