A Good Winter on the Creek

I’ve been fishing the creek that flows within sight of my back window nearly every morning lately. It just puts me in a good frame of mind to carry with me through the rest of the day, a way of thinking that keeps my focus on the natural and elemental. And I wonder sometimes about […]

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Life Randomized

I’ve just finished the day thinking about randomness. I’ve often thought and sometimes said that we deceive ourselves when we plan the minutiae of our lives, as though we’re really in control, and thus set ourselves up for disappointment and frustration. So I began an atypical paragraph, a rare stream of consciousness late in my […]

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The Model Park

Featured image for this post is the blacklite art of Malcolm Crittenden Malcolm’s exhibit runs through February at the Community Art Center, Johnstown, PA Thanks Malcolm and great show! Always wanting to explore new corners of our home state, Susan and I took advantage of the unseasonably warm temperatures this last weekend and headed for […]

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A Free and Wild Place

Anyone who reads “The Dying Fish” blog probably realizes that I value free and wild places. And I spent time in one just yesterday, a tract of state forest that few people know about situated on the Pennsylvania/West Virginia border. And, by the way, anyone new to my blog may wonder why it’s called “The […]

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About Exotics

One of the first things you’d learn about, if you ever yearned to become a fish ecologist, is the danger posed by non-native species. And the most simple formulation of the prevailing theory on this runs something like this: Don’t introduce a new fish (we’ll stick with fish here for simplicity) to an ecosystem in […]

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A Return to the Simple Things

I’ve often preached here and elsewhere that those of us who appreciate natural things should all be sure to get out and explore our immediate surrounding thoroughly before rushing off to the Outer Banks, the Rocky Mountains, or Europe. We should learn to value all the habitat that surrounds us and not just dream of […]

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