Celebrate Renewal

This post may be a “spoiler” for the upcoming book but here it is, a sliver of what we’ll be walking toward when the adventure begins.

I don’t believe the news on the environment is all bad news. In fact, there’s a great case to be made for just the opposite: that our natural environment is improving, cycling and regenerating constantly all around us. It’s necessarily this way. If nature took the attitude we sometimes do, focusing on the minutiae of what’s going wrong, the parts of it that aren’t healthy, then maybe the world would become discouraged, lose hope and fall further and further into disrepair.

But, fortunately for all of us and the animals great and small, nature remains irrepressible and opportunistic, moving in strange and mysterious ways that defy our best guesses or even our most carefully plotted calculations. Nature continues to heal herself, adapt and evolve. This isn’t just characteristic of nature, it defines her.

Imagine instead if we had to rely on government to keep this world healthy. Think of how very few things the government has ever done successfully, expeditiously or economically. But I fear that we’ve too often been diverted onto the path of believing that a healthy environment proceeds from the mandates of wise, caring governors. Lets not lose perspective. Please don’t lose the forest in the trees.


It’s an extremely brief summary of one of the great cases built in The Dying Fish – on track for early April.

(All of the pictures included here were taken within the last week and all are of locations that were once severely polluted.)

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