I went to the source of the Allegheny River several days ago, just to make sure it still flows from the same place. And I got to thinking about where I was in life the last time I was there, about 9 years ago, during a long walk in the woods.   I was on […]

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The Dying Fish Lives On

I know – the name of my website/book is confusing. It’s meant to be. And when you think you really know what it means, you probably still don’t. Those who have read the whole thing have invariably told me it wasn’t what they’d expected. It’s about a year and a half now since I launched […]

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Aldo Leopold Revisited

I hope that people who attempt to read The Dying Fish will see it through to the end. The simple-minded first half, chronicling day to day life in the woods, is setting the stage for something grander in the second half. Hopefully, something worth your time.   A few years back, I picked up a […]

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It’s been a good year for me and my book. I made some sales (though I make only a pittance per sale) and was able to introduce my work to a wide range of interesting people mostly around the northeast though the book has made it to Europe and the west coast also. Last February […]

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I’ve been back from an engagement at the Heartland Institute for nearly a week and haven’t found time to pen anything about it, until now. However imperfectly I might have rendered my presentation (I seem to be my own worst critic here) I went away happy and fulfilled. I guess that goes along with having […]

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What The Dying Fish is

This is it. There is a book by Cedric C. Keith now available online. It’s called The Dying Fish – maybe you’ve heard of it. The book was never about either sales or fame – I’m not likely to ever have a lot of either. It was about brook trout, a species of great personal […]

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