Final Push

There’s a book coming. I’m not kidding; I know I’ve been promising for a long time.

This will just be a short entry today to keep folks abreast of progress as I prepare to hand the manuscript off for some final editing of technicalities and then – off to the presses. An early April book release seems certain.

I ended this last week on a high note, With all of the few blurbs I’d requested from prominent figures lining up for me and the book improving still day by day and nearing the 500 pages I’d wanted to finally trim it down to. For anyone even thinking of purchasing it next month – be careful, it’s a commitment! I’d like to think that the reader will feel that he or she has just passed through a long journey with me

by the time they finish.

It looks like I have a big book signing event too at the Heartland Institute near Chicago lining up for July. Incredibly generous of the good folks at Heartland! I’ll keep you all posted.

I’ve been corresponding with old friends too, some folks I’d met along the way during the Eastern Brook Trout Solo Adventure, and then had lost touch with. Nice to find that there are still folks out there in wilder places from Georgia to Maine who remember me and still wonder if there’s a book coming.

So, much to do this week. I’m not a perfectionist but after all the months I’ve spent honing this literary product, I’m going to feel confident as I say, by mid-week, “Good Enough!”

And there I go, breaking promises: it wasn’t such a short entry after all.

One thought on “Final Push

  1. So nice to know that your book has become a reality… I will never forget the imprint you have made on my life while you visited us a Penobscot Lake Lodge… You certainly deserve the best!!! My very best wishes for your success, Cedric!!!


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