Free to Wander

The book that’s coming in two weeks is, in a way, about freedom and fitness. Freedom is vital just to maintain our versatility in this ever-changing world. And if life ever has the potential to become a real adventure, we need to stay fit too – to maintain physical readiness.

But, here in America, aren’t we all free? Well, yes, and sadly, no. But many of the things that tie us down are within our control, I think. Debt is a big one – how much potential does this have to hold all of us down? Drugs (pharmaceutical or illicit) keep many of us from being all we can be and keep us dependent. I’d like to think that no-one reading my blog has dependency issues but, just based on the averages, I know better. Entangling relationships, or just too many of them – yes, it’s possible to keep yourself out of these as well. Then there’s the whole realm of local, state and federal regulations that tie so many of our hands – and we still have choice here too though not as directly.

Then there’s our fitness. It’s a tough thing to acquire on the spur of the moment when the opportunity for adventure presents itself. So, just in case, I encourage everyone to stay physically ready to run, climb,

swim and endure all the time. It’s not a new message – we’ve all been hearing this since we were children – but maybe it’s a new reason: We don’t know what hardships/opportunities may arise tomorrow that could send us off on the adventures of our whole lifetimes. So, get ready now for the opportunity to hike, run and paddle like you never have before!

In my case, I couldn’t have been much lower at the outset of the Eastern Brook Trout Solo Adventure, to all outward appearances. But I recognized it also as a moment of opportunity – a window of freedom that wouldn’t stay open forever. And then I chose to move.

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