Just a book update

The book has been in Susan’s capable hands for a couple of weeks now. She’s the one who has all the right skills to perfect the The Dying Fish as a physical product, meaning computer skills, a realm which seems more and more foreign to me, the more time I spend trying learn it.

Sunday, May 1 is now the expected release date for the book, the date on which you will be able to search The Dying Fish – Cedric Keith, and find it on Amazon, on Createspace and perhaps on Google as well. I will also try to put up a link directly from this site (under “Order Your Copy”).

I have already reviewed the first proof copy and it looks great. We will review a second, slightly improved, copy early in the week ahead and then send it straight to Amazon. Also, if you’re in the Pittsburgh area, I will be speaking a L.L. Bean, Ross Park Mall on Sunday, May 15. Thanks for staying abreast of progress with The Dying Fish – almost there!

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