What The Dying Fish is

This is it. There is a book by Cedric C. Keith now available online. It’s called The Dying Fish – maybe you’ve heard of it.

The book was never about either sales or fame – I’m not likely to ever have a lot of either. It was about brook trout, a species of great personal concern. But by the time I’d walked a few thousand miles, it was about much more. If the book were about sales or fame, I could have done much more to make it palatable both to publishers and the general reading public. I could have made it trendy, PC and flashy and could have certainly dreamed up a more euphonious title. But it never was meant for all that and I’d like to think that it’s the most honest book you’re likely to read any time soon, if nothing else.

Whatever my sales figures show in the months ahead, it’s going to be an exceptional year for me, personally. It is already, in fact. Just holding a printed copy of the finished book for the first time a couple of weeks ago was fulfillment and vindication for me. I’ve come a long way and so has the Eastern Brook Trout Solo Adventure since the moment of inception while caring for an apartment complex on Pittsburgh’s North Shore. And after all the circuitous progression of my project and the book, I’d like to think that the tiny brook trout of the head water streams will be the greatest beneficiaries of my work.

Please visit the “Order Your Copy” link from the menu at the upper right.

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