A Free and Wild Place

Anyone who reads “The Dying Fish” blog probably realizes that I value free and wild places. And I spent time in one just yesterday, a tract of state forest that few people know about situated on the Pennsylvania/West Virginia border. And, by the way, anyone new to my blog may wonder why it’s called “The Dying Fish”, with all the more euphonious titles available and the simple explanation is that it shares its title with my book of the same name in which I tell an extended tale of free and wild places.

The Quebec Run area is a minimally regulated watershed that sees little use, especially through the winter,

a hardwood third growth tract. But it’s been almost 80 years since it was timbered so it almost looks like old grow in places. Wanderers are free to find quiet places in the innumerable hollows, pitch tents, tend campfires and drop baited hooks between the rhododendrons to tempt the native brook trout. In fact, this area had a part to play in my Eastern Brook Trout Solo Adventure as well and it was good to be back.

And I think I’ll keep the writing minimal for today and maybe just show you that I was in a beautiful and pristine place yesterday. I think too that maybe it’s my mission in life to try to make the whole world a freer wilder place.

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