My work cut out for me

This is the second time I’ve ever written what’s apparently known as a “blog post”.  I’m moving faster on the whole book project now than at any time since finishing the rough manuscript a few months ago.  A work week begins with a day-by-day plan generated every Sunday for something resembling most people’s conventional work week.  By the way, I’m in the uniquely advantageous position right now of being unemployed apart from my book so, for the first time in 3 years, I’ve got time for what’s important.

I forget sometimes that now that I’m online, most people viewing my site will be unfamiliar with my project and the book and so, in the weeks ahead, I’ll need to fill in some of my story via the blog and additional content.  If you have stumbled into this site, please have patience with a WordPress newbie.

I am engrossed now in 3 vital portions of the book project:

  • Editing
  • Publishing and
  • Marketing

More soon.  Feel free to communicate.  I may have a new e-mail address at some point but is fine for now.


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