Ending the Year Pushing Ahead

The first month of 2016 is all about prepping for a February book launch.  To that end, I’m working on my submissions to publishers right now and corresponding with knowledgeable friends. The Feb. launch won’t really concern conventional publishing though, it’s the launch of my self-published first edition which should give me a head start on things ahead of the big book deal I’m still working on.  And, yes, I’ve already quit my day job for anyone who might be about to advise against it.

So, by March The Dying Fish should be available on Amazon and other online retailers.  I am still giving the book a significant working-over and 3 trusted friends are helping out with editing.  The complexity of the whole “home stretch” project grows weekly as I edit, examine publishing avenues and prepare to self-market the book.  I’ll try to get a better synopsis of the book on this new website in the days ahead.

The only thing that could divert my attentions from the work at hand is the onset of ice fishing season which should have begun already but we’re way behind last year for ice formation here in western Pennsylvania.  This will always be the most compelling method of angling for me, I think, for reasons that may become apparent in the forthcoming book.  Essentially, it takes me back to a childhood in the wilderness.  And when the tip-up flag point skyward, you never know what’s stripping line from the reel below.  If and when we do get ice, I will be out on it!

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