A Captive to my Art

Well, it’s about like I’d said last time. I’m chained to the writing desk, trying to fulfill the commitment I’ve made to the few out there awaiting a book, a commitment to have a volume available during the month of March. To be honest though, I’m not even sure at this point when exactly The Dying Fish will be available on Amazon. There are practical concerns of life that will dictate that in the end but I expect that end to come some time in the month of March.

The book gets better by the day, a little more refined and just plain correct, but I’m not a perfectionist and the first edition will not be perfect. That’s where you come in. I expect to create a survey, attached to the site, that will invite input from the first readers of the book, asking some of the most important questions about the book’s clarity, readability, enjoyability, etc.

Outside, I think I’ll concede this week that ice-fishing season has ended here in Pennsylvania. Some opportunities close now, others open. And I can’t mourn the loss of the ice, it was an exceptional season; short but bountiful – concise. Maybe I need to break out the rods and reels and go look for the walleye now which must already be on the move.

I’ve been out just a little and I’ll post photos. The most interesting animals I’ve encountered lately have been the various birds that gather for peanuts on the back porch.

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