Travels in Civilization

I’m just in from a week on Long Island, having my book scrutinized, economized and criticized by good friends. I should be bold enough now to seek out some criticism from those who are not friends. Aside from the practical aspects of the trip, it’s always good to spend time with the Kohl family who I owe much to.

I’m in the home stretch now as an author and February is all about rendering the book acceptable, good enough for a self-published edition to be released by mid-March. I’m cutting back on the ice-fishing now, however tempting the frozen lake to my north may be. Amazing too, that the most vital part of that lake remains frozen at this time after all the warmth of the last week.

I’ll include some photos again of both a recent hardwater outing with dad and the north shore of Long Island. Photos of my adventures for the rest of the month may show my desk and keyboard.

Thanks for staying abreast of developments regarding The Dying Fish.

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