It’s been a good year for me and my book. I made some sales (though I make only a pittance per sale) and was able to introduce my work to a wide range of interesting people mostly around the northeast though the book has made it to Europe and the west coast also.

Last February I imposed a deadline on myself and stopped editing in late March. At that moment, the long project I’d begun nine years earlier came to fruition. That was enough – to have a completed manuscript in my hands. The book production, travel and book talks were all just extra, as were sales. I’d reached my goal – finished the course when I held a complete manuscript.

Other people have shown some appreciation for the book this year and that’s just capped off a very fulfilling year. And, by the way, I’m always hoping for new readers and new constructive criticism as I prepare for a second edition – probably in the spring of 2017. Those of you who have the first edition – hold onto it – few people have it and it’s going away soon.

Merry Christmas to all. I’ll be making a major announcement about the next big thing for me shortly. A chapter opens for me immediately in 2017.

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