Escape from the Writing Desk!

I’ve forgotten to post anything over the last few weeks but, again, I’m new at this so I should get more consistent as time goes on. I’ve been getting out a lot since the lakes of western Pennsylvania froze and this too has taken me away from the computer (thankfully). My job of the last few years included ensuring that all the snow was removed from the property I managed and so this has kept me away from the ice-fishing in recent years.  Not so this year!  I’m back on the lake and harvesting panfish with a vengeance!

Exciting things are happening for the book too, I think.  I’ve had a few positive initial reviews and I continue to hone the work day-by-day into something presentable. It should be a book that anyone and everyone can pick up and enjoy and it’s also a book that changes radically from beginning to end.  I have long videos on YouTube that capture one of my five brook trout hikes and I hope to edit some of that material down this week into something much more concise and compressed that introduces the book to YouTube viewers.

I’ll attach some photos this time of what I’ve been up to in the outdoors lately here in Pennsylvania.  I’m savoring this time without a regular job – I’m sure it won’t last forever.  I’ll post again soon as the book project continues to evolve.  And, by the way, at this point I am still planning to release a self-published first edition in March.

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