Into and out of the Wild

I’m just in from another two and a half days on the ice and thought I’d post again, at least putting up a few photos from the trip. This trip averaged about 20 degrees warmer than the last one and, in fact, water covered the surface of the ice on the first day. Wet feet turned out to be the greatest difficulty to overcome. Sleeping beside my ice-fishing spot is feeling more normal now and comfortable too as long as the temps stay above the single digits.

But why do I go out there anyway? There are more productive things I could be doing at home right now, I’m sure. And why do any of us “waste” time out there in the wild

anyway? Well, I’m not going to try to post the definitive answer to that here and now; please think it over for yourself, then take a look at “The Dying Fish” when it’s released in a couple of months.

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