Run for Your Life

I’m on day two of my spring running program and it shouldn’t be this way. I should have been running right through the winter but I let it lapse, for no good reason. This winter especially left me with no excuse – it was exceptionally mild. I’ve always taken running as the basis of whatever physical program I’m on, mostly for the heart and lung benefits.

I hope that everyone who can, among my limited readership, will join me on the trails this spring for the exhilaration and satisfaction unique to running. If you need more motivation than just endorphins, pick a local running event coming up in two or three months and start your training. I’ve heard that running with friends can impart that extra push that’s sometimes needed.

Running, like kayaking, fishing and outdoor photography, can also just be an excuse to get out there and explore. I’m not one who can really enjoy circling the same predictable track day after day. Once I’m in shape, I want to see new trail and find new unforeseen challenges. It’s what’s great about trail running:

the almost random variation, the puddles, swamps, rocks and extreme climbs. These all force the muscles to do more than they’d bargained for and pushes the runner mentally in a way too, I think.

I like to roll my running in with my fishing, camping, etc. too – just to create a more well-rounded adventure and I’m certain to be enjoying some of this in the months ahead. See you on the trail!

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